As a school we work hard to make sure that parents and carers are informed about how well their child is doing at school and the wider life of the school.

Reports and Parents Meetings

Annual reports are sent home at the end of the summer term. The reports include information on children’s attainment and progress, their behaviour and attitudes to work and their personal and social development.

We hold two parent and carer consultation meetings during the school year. These are held during the second half of the autumn and spring terms. On each occasion the meetings are held over two evenings so that parents are able to arrange a convenient appointment. As part of these meetings parents and carers also have an opportunity to look through their child’s work.

Parents are also welcome to make appointments to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s education at any other time during the school year.

Information Meetings

During the year parents are invited to attend other meetings which will help them to understand more about the work of the school and help them to find out how they can best support their child’s education. In the past twelve months we have held curriculum information meetings (all year groups), phonics workshops, mathematics workshops and transition meetings.

Newsletters and Dunster TV

We send home regular newsletters throughout the school year. These are essential reading and contain items of school news as well as key information about forthcoming events. Copies of previous newsletters can be found in the newsletters (hyper-link) section on this website

In addition to our newsletters information about the school, including photographs of recent events and sports results, can be found on Dunster TV. This is located in the front lobby outside the Year 4 classroom.

Other Communication

The school operates an ‘open door’ policy, with teaching staff available in the classroom for twenty minutes before school starts. Parents are welcome to bring their children into school and take the opportunity to pass on information to the classroom staff.

Parents may also ask at the school office to arrange a suitable time for a member of staff to meet with them or contact them by telephone. Similarly, if the Headteacher is not available at the beginning of the school day, arrangements can be made by parents to meet with him at other times.

For parents whose children travel on school transport, contact can be made by telephone or by sending notes in the children’s book bags.

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