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Uniform items, including logoed sweatshirts, polo shirts and fleeces are available online from Clothing at Tesco.com - https://www.tesco.com/direct/dunster-first-school/...

A donation of 5% is made to the school for every item purchased online. A small stock of sweatshirts is also available for purchase from the school office.

Please note that it is not compulsory to buy sweatshirts with the school logo.

Sensible, comfortable shoes should be worn. Children should not wear high heeled/platform shoes, sandals without a heel strap or training shoes.




Grey Pinafore dress/skirt or long dark grey trousers.
White polo shirt or blouse.
Red pullover or cardigan.
Black/brown shoes (not trainers).
White socks or grey/white/red tights.

Check dress in red and white.
Red pullover or cardigan.
Black shoes or sandals.
White socks.


Long or short dark grey trousers.
White polo shirt or shirt with collar.
Red pullover.
Black/brown shoes (not trainers).
Grey socks.
As winter but sandals may be worn.

P E Kit

1 pair gym shoes

1 white tee shirt

1 pair shorts (red, if possible, or navy)

1 named drawstring bag to keep kit in

Additional Information

Children should have a painting apron or an old shirt to protect clothing whilst doing art work.

Wellington boots should be provided for outdoor activities.

All items of clothing should be marked with the child's name.

Items of nearly new school uniform can be obtained from the Friends of Dunster School.

We would prefer children not to wear jewellery to school. If your child’s ears are pierced then an earring of the stud variety may be worn. Earrings, watches, bracelets and other jewellery will have to be removed or covered for all physical education activities.

We ask that children should not have ‘tramlines’ cut into their hair. Extreme hairstyling and unnatural colours are also not acceptable.

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