POLICIES - printed versions available on request

Accessibility Plan 2016-2019.pdf

WSEP attendance policy 2017.pdf

British Values Statement.pdf

Complaints Procedure and Guidance 2016.pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy 2017.pdf

Complaints leaflet.pdf

Data Protection Policy.pdf

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closure Procedures 17-18.pdf

Information Security Policy.pdf

ESafety Policy 2018.pdf

Equality Statement .pdf

Single Equality Policy.pdf

Finance Policy inc Lettings Policy 2016.pdf

Freedom of Information Act Policy.pdf

Health and Safety Policy.pdf

Home School Agreement.pdf

Anti bullying policy 2018.pdf

Sex and Relationships policy Feb 2016.pdf

Statement of Behaviour Principles by the Governing Body of Dunster First School 2018.pdf

Supporting Children at School with Medical Needs Jan 18.pdf

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy Jan 2018.pdf

GDPR Privacy Notice.pdf

Workforce Privacy Notice.pdf

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