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Headteacher's Awards 17th November 2017

A big well done this week to: Image result for star

    • Star of the Week:This person has not just been nominated by myself and other staff, but also their peers have been telling me how they deserve an award. This is because they have been really working hard to ensure break and lunch times have safe play rules. They have taken it upon themselves to help other pupils younger than them to play kindly and to solve problems as they arise. This person also has impeccable manners and is very kind indeed. They try hard with their learning in class and are a great role model. This person is… Jacob Krasko
    • Kindness:
      • Reception: Martha W for getting everyone involved in her games. Year 1: Florence T for helping a friend to their feet after they fell over, even picking up their book for them. Year 2: Oscar W - for always paying Mrs Vickery compliments about her shoes & socks! Year 3: River R for kindness (always answers the register politely saying Good morning Mrs Gray or Mrs Lancaster). Year 4: Tilly N for always being kind, and funny too! ‘Superhero Cutter Upper of Food and Superhero Giver Outer of Bread!’
    • Achievement:
      • Reception: Logan S for using his amazing ideas to create a brilliant hibernation den. Year 1: Sophie G for trying extra hard with her phonics in reading and writing. Year 2: Esme C for trying hard in everything, especially her maths. Year 3: Esme P for achievement in maths (even asking to do extra work) Year 4: Charlie C for great progress in his recorder lessons.
      Lunchtime Awards:
    • Jamie B for good manners. Gabe R because he is always willing to help and for being polite. Toby P for lovely manners, saying please and thank you. Rose W for lovely table manners. Albert V for always offering to help. Kitchen's Award: Oliver R for always trying new things and not making a fuss
    • Good News from Home:
    • Jess B for her amazing achievement in martial arts and Eva F-S for her amazing achievement in gymnastics.

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